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It’s not about the winning, it’s the participation that counts.

Yeah right! Whoever said this had better speak for himself – because for us mothers, we’re all in it to win it! You can argue about it till you’re blue in the face, but that’s the truth.

Hey y’all, welcome to the 8th episode of my series Twin’talising Tales.

Today’s post is both sportive and entertaining.  My boys’ Kindergarten school had two major events which were held on alternate years because of the effort and logistics involved in organising them. So, they had the Sports Day when they were in KG 1, but I’m not going to say much on this except that they were in the running race and while the fond mother in me instantly saw at least one Usain Bolt in the making, they had other ideas.

When the race got off to a start, all the participants began running up the track, except for my boys. Half way through, they turned and ran in the opposite direction! Why? Apparently, their classmate’s shoe lace had come undone and he was tripping all over himself. So, my boys took it upon themselves to go help him. That in itself was funny, since it was me who tied their laces for them every morning! Later their teacher spoke at length about noble children for whom it was not about winning but about participating and helping others blah blah and blah!

“Noble, my foot!” I thought, glaring at the boys, quite annoyed that I had been done out of a trophy as a winning mother. Ah well!

The next year, the school held its Grand Concert and my boys were in for the Welcome Song. Now, there was another child in our building who went to the same school as my boys and he was a super active kid who apparently exceled in everything. His mother had a nasty habit of comparing grades, marks, stars, smiley faces, just about anything between him and my boys. So when the concert came up she was eager to know what my boys would be doing. “Oh, welcome song!” she said. “So disappointing for you, they’ll be lost among the 30 other children.”

Her son was apparently a lion cub in a jungle song and the lioness roared on about her son’s important role and how the entire program would collapse without him.

On the evening of the concert, when the curtain went up, the 30 children were already on stage waiting to welcome us. Such a beautiful sight. A dark auditorium, a dark stage with just the light from 30 bright torches in the children’s hands. When the lights came on, there they were, my 2 boys singing away as if there was no tomorrow. And the mommy’s heart in me swelled with pride. They had on lovely costumes, their hair was neatly combed back and was that a spot of rouge and lipstick? Awww!  

To add some special effects, some children flashed their torches at one another, one dropped his onto the floor, his helpful partner went on all fours looking for it, and when they couldn’t find it, they grabbed another child’s torch. Oh my! It was classic, a blockbuster!

Meanwhile what about our lioness and her cub? I hate to say it, but that little boy came on stage under a thick lion’s costume with 4 other similar characters and my best moment – the mother herself couldn’t recognize her own son!

Ah, well! Karma is the sweetest revenge!

On this rather nasty note, I shall wind up my series. Yes guys, I could go on forever, but all good things must come to an end sometime. So this was the 8th and the last episode of my Twin’talising Tales.

You’ve been a wonderful listening audience by tuning in to my podcast or visiting my blog for each episode and I am grateful for the support and encouragement you have shown for my maiden attempts at podcasting.

I hope to see you pretty soon with some other interesting bits and pieces of this and that. If you haven’t already, do subscribe to my podcast Bits and Pieces with Radhika so you get updates whenever I upload something new. Keep supporting me!

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2 thoughts on “In it to win it – Twintalising Tales, ep 8

  1. Haha. Karma serves the best revenge. I loved this episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe! Glad you liked it Shweta!


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