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Instagram. That entirely amazing platform for proud and fond parents to record their child’s cute little growing up memories. Today’s parents and their babies are super spoilt for choice. There’s Insta feed, Insta stories, Insta reels … and of cource FaceBook!

Today, I’m having fun recording the childhood memories of my two boys, now all grown up. And since there was no Facebook or Instagram then, I’m putting it all down on paper and on microphone.

Welcome to episode 5 of my Twintalising Tales.

Babies grow really really fast. Mothers will agree. Before we’ve had a chance to try out all those super-cute outfits that we’ve either bought or were gifted to them, there … they’ve already outgrown them.

My babies seemed to reach their milestones pretty much in a hurry, or so it seemed to me. The 1st time they stood without support, their 1st step forward, their 1st tooth, their 1st birthday. We had no videos nor even proper photographs that captured those precious moments. There was no luxury of a mobile phone then, and I had only one basic camera which could never be found when it was most needed. By then, the moment would be lost. So in most cases, I have just my memories to rely on.

And if my memory serves me right, we had a double seater tricycle when we were in Mumbai. The kids were around a year and a half then, and in a burst of inspiration, we bought this amazing vehicle for them. The front seat had pedals and the back seat … well, let’s say, it was just a seat to park a baby’s bottom. And that was exactly what one twin would do.

Funny actually. Initially they fought tooth and nail to get the front seat. It was something of a prestige issue and the winner would seat himself royally in front, after having pulled the hair and shirt off of his brother. And the other one would then move to the back seat looking a bit like the athlete in No 2 position on the winner’s podium.

Very soon however, the front guy wised up and whenever we got ready to go down for a stroll around our Colony garden, this smart Alec would get into action. He would dash forward and park his bottom in the back seat. And why was that? You may well ask this million-dollar question as we did then. Apparently he had realized that the one who sat up front would have to do a bit of pedalling and the lazy fellow couldn’t be bothered with the effort. So he sat like Lord Jagganath in his rath while the other one huffed and puffed and pedalled furiously for both.

But not for long. Eventually this guy wised up too and flatly refused to pedal. No meant No! So, it was left to me to either push or pull the chariot. Finally in a case of if you can’t beat them, you got to join them, I wised up too. I tied a fairly longish rope to the handle bars and pulled it along behind me. We must have been quite a sight as we strolled through the grounds of our Suman Nagar colony in Chembur, Mumbai. Lord Jagganath out with his brother for a stroll in his rath pulled by his faithful devotees. Just the one devotee, in this case. Me!

Meanwhile big changes were afoot. Just a couple of months before the boys turned two, we had to relocate to the Gulf. Abu Dhabi to be precise.

For that they needed their own wee little passports, and for passports we needed photographs. So one Saturday afternoon, we went round the streets of Chembur in search of a photography studio.

I don’t remember if it was the whole experience of having their photos taken with fancy equipment and by a photographer who was not their mom this time, but the minute that man got his camera ready and disappeared under the black umbrella, our boys opened their mouth and bawled their hearts out. Nothing on heaven or earth could calm them down. Adjacent shopkeepers and random passersby stopped to find out what the noise was and the nasty suspicious looks they gave us … made us feel like a pair of child-snatchers, my husband and me!

On this embarrassing note, I shall leave you for now. I promise to be back with more candid and fun revelations in the next episode, the 6th in my Twintalisisng Tales.

You can also listen to this on my podcast Bits and Pieces with Radhika, on Anchor.fm or on the Google platform.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

2 thoughts on “The Rath yatra – Twin’talising Tales, ep 5

  1. Babies do have a tendency to cry at the top of their lungs, especially when you don’t want them to!


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