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Since you’ve clicked on my ‘About’ page, I assume you’ve come here to know about me – who am I? why am I here? what am I doing here? …….
Guys…. I wish I knew the answers to these profound questions myself!!! 🙂
Jokes apart – I’m Radhika( that much is obvious from my site title!!)
Born in Vijayawada – Andhra Pradesh,  brought up in Panjim – Goa, married in Mumbai – Maharashtra, living in Abu Dhabi – UAE!!! Oh my!! I sound like a nomad :/

I’m here because….. well, let’s see…. I’m here because I have this strange habit of seeing myself and the people and happenings around me with a touch of light hearted humor.  So, that’s just what you”ll find in most of my blogs – simple, everyday topics laced with a gentle dash of humor; something to make you smile, grin or chuckle…!!! 🙂

So drop by whenever you can, ‘follow’ if you like my blog and ‘like’ to show that you do.

🙂 🙂




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