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Why were twins even introduced into our Bollywood movies of the past? No real reason, in my opinion, except to get separated at the Khumb ka mela when small, meet again years later, and wonder of wonders, recognise each other through identical birth marks. Oooooh. How much more dramatic can it get?

Hey all. welcome to yet another episode of my fun anecdotes in my Twin’talising Tales.

In these mini episodes, under my radar are the fun memories of the childhood days of my two boys. Welcome to a dramatic episode, the 6th in my Twin’talising Tales.

Abu Dhabi – a land of golden sands and golden opportunities, hot summers and cold winters, camels in the desert and Lamborghini on the roads. That’s where we were headed.

It was the early hours of an October morning when our plane landed in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and we walked out into the cool, crisp, winter air, with a pair of sleepy little boys and several suitcases loaded with pickles and papads and hot Indian spices.

It was a new beginning for us and it took us time to adjust, especially to the central air conditioning which made the house colder than the Arctic. We would shiver our way around the house and the boys huddled as close to me as possible.

The corridors of our high-rise building were cold and silent and if we needed to see people we had to actually go down to the building lobby. So unlike our Mumbai experience!

One evening, we visited an Indian colleague from my husband’s office. He had a little daughter not much older than our boys and the three children had a gala time playing around in the corridor outside their 12th floor apartment, while we adults chatted inside. After some time, the host offered to show us around his modest flat. We tagged behind him from kitchen to wash room and finally to the bed room, where his little girl was sprawled out on the floor, busy with her coloring book.

“Nice house” I muttered and was about to leave the room when I did a double take. The girl was in the room. Alone. Where were my boys then? They’d all been playing together just a few minutes ago! I asked the child. “They went.” She said.  “Where?” I asked and my heart stopped for a second. “They went inside the lift,” she informed me.

My heart flipped over. Apparently, as they were playing, the lift doors opened, the 3 children entered and the girl came out instantly but my boys stayed back and the lift doors closed on them.

I freaked out, like totally. Where did we begin to search? Did the lift go up or down? Did they get off and if so at which floor? What if they went out of the building? What if someone kidnapped them? What if …?

The colleague and his wife tried the 2 lifts while my husband and I raced down the staircase. We opened the staircase door at each landing and rushed out, me with my hair flying in all directions and gasping like a cycle pump. Eventually we thought we heard some commotion on the 4th floor and we rushed out to see both boys whimpering and holding on to an Indian woman. The kind tenant explained that she had heard the noise and come out to investigate and found these two outside in the corridor.

By now half of the building’s tenants had come out of their homes to check the source of so much excitement, and so we had a full house to witness some super-emotional reunion scenes of weeping mother and a very scared pair of twins, who were almost lost!

So that is how my exciting fantasy of two years ago, almost came true with a mini version of that infamous Bollywood plot – bichde hue judwe, kumbh ke mele mein.

Moral of the story – don’t watch too many over-dramatic Hindi movies.

On this super advisory note, I shall leave you guys with the warning that I shall return with the next episode, the 7th very soon.

You can listen to it on my podcast Bits and Pieces with Radhika on Anchor here and on Google podcasts here too.

If you want to catch the episodes from the beginning, do visit my podcast at this link. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lost and found – Twin’talising Tales, Ep 6

  1. Somewhere in between it felt you miss the homeland, thanks you for sharing the incident.

    Nara x


  2. I’m glad that you weren’t separated for too long. Loved this episode, dear ❤️


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