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Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka.

What to tell you people! There is one song, Jalebi baby, which is going viral nowadays and whenever Kamalamma is hearing it, water is flowing fast and furious from mouth like Swarna river is flowing in our Udupi during monsoon. The Mister is saying, what Kamalamma one song is making you like this, that too English song and whether you are understanding the words in the song?

Okay, all words I am not following because these foreign people’s English is not as good as ours, but I am thinking, everybody in India will understand Jalebi easily. It is our favourite sweet, especially Kamalamma’s. And they are telling not once, not twice but at least 108 times – Jalebi babyyy … Jalebi babyyy – like that. Abbabba!

First, I am thinking some Udupi Master Chef is writing this song on himself for advertisement purpose maybe … because in our Udupi there are specialist cooks who are named after their famous dish, like Jalebi Master, Soan papdi master and Boondi laddu Bhatru and all! But no, it seems some famous singer from America is singing it and every time they are saying Jalebi Baby, I am going into dream like state with round, golden jalebis floating around.

In BC – Before Corona times, there were many opportunities to eat this sweet. Why because, in our Udupi, every day some function or other is there, marriage, namakarna, house warming. We are not missing even one single function because of the royal Maharaja’s lunch they are serving. It is full free meal!

Sometimes we are getting invitation for two functions on same day, then what we are doing? The Mister is simply throwing coin in the air and we are playing Heads or Tails game. Like this we are deciding who will go to which function. And afterwards if the Mister is saying there was jalebi in his lunch, then I am getting angry and not talking to him for one week. Ohoho …

Sometimes, we are confused which function we are attending, so we are standing outside function hall and confirming with other guests before going inside. Then we are going straight to dining area to book nice big banana leaf under ceiling fan. Then we are waiting for meal to be served on it. It is long process – first they are serving chutneys, curries and kosambri, then tomato saar and 2 to 3 types of sambar followed by spicy savouries. After this, they are coming with 3 or 4 varieties of sweets and full dining hall is getting excited. If there is jalebi, then Kamalamma’s eyes are becoming round and bright like 10 rupee coins and I am holding up two fingers. Maybe you people are thinking Kamalamma is follower of Dwaita philosophy! Ayyo tchah! I am simply telling serving boy to give me two jalebis.

For 2 minutes, I am simply sitting and looking at golden jalebis in front of me. Then I am slowly putting it in my mouth and when syrup is making landing on my tongue, I am closing my eyes and thinking maybe I am in Swargaloka and Apsaras are dancing in front of me!

But now all this is only dream and possible in AC – After Corona, maybe? But when that will be, only Udupi Lord Krishna is knowing. Otherwise Kamalamma is getting invitation for many functions but whether to go or not is million-dollar question, with police sitting outside all function halls and taking head count! What if I am 51st person? Paying fine is maybe okay but 100% they are not giving jalebis in Udupi jail.

So, in DC – During Corona times, I am taking pleasure of jalebis in this nice song which is going viral on YouTube. Whole day I am singing Jalebi Babyyy – in kitchen, in bathroom, on terrace … the Mister is closing ears and saying Abbabba, Kamalamma is becoming one Jalebi amma!

6 thoughts on “Kamalamma and Jalebi baby

  1. Lol. I hadn’t heard of this song until now and it does make me crave for jalebis too. Great writing, my dear. You should compile all of these into a book. I’m definitely buy that. This post made me laugh a lot and after the day I’ve had, I really needed it.


    1. Hahahaha…it’s gone crazily viral here because the jalebi refrain is sung by a dubal Indian girl! 😄😄

      Glad to know Kamalamma managed to lift your spirits! 🤩😍
      Thank you dear

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh. It’s catchy. Kamalamma never fails to lift my spirits. Thank you, dear ❤️🤗


  2. Simon says:

    I love Jason Derulo s song, kind of viral songs her make, and he loves indian fans and Indian foods, even he made Jalebi in his house for us on Instagram 😂. Besides all the lies, Your post is so sweet as Jalebi, and funny as Sweet Panchu Mittai, every funny phrase is melting into my brain and it’s now in Swargalogah laughing around reading your post. Have a lovely weekend Jalebiamma 🙈❤️ Kamalamma 🤗🤗


  3. magiceye says:

    Loved your narration! Have not heard the song yet but now will head there for sure! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amrita says:

    It is true! We are all missing out on occasions to eat our beloved jalebi in DC times!!


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