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The power of persuasion – that’s what it is. Subtle or obvious – it works. Every time! At least with me it does. Especially, I guess, when one’s sub conscious mind is half inclined towards it already!

Through the gentle art of persuasion Alexa has finally worked it’s charm on me.

For most people out there, Alexa would probably be the virtual assistant developed by Amazon, who at the drop of a hat or rather a command, drops everything to do as bid.

For bloggers however, My Friend Alexa is a hugely popular Annual Bloggers Campaign – where participants are required to post 8 mandatory blogs on designated days of the month and the rest of the days we engage with other participants. We like, we comment, we share. The philosophy behind this being – we, the community of bloggers/writers, stand by each other in our writing journey. If not we, then who?

The campaign is in its 5th year now and I have been ignoring it the previous years. So what happened this year? Let me tell you.

In the past few weeks, my various social media feeds are full of informative posts, enticing invitations and encouraging mentions of the latest names from the Who’s Who of the blogging world who have signed up for the campaign. Very tempting indeed! But the last straw for me was a suave Leonardo di Caprio meme on the theme! When this guys tells you to do something, you don’t ask why. You just do or die! Never mind the exaggeration folks. The situation calls for it.

So finally, the persuasive tactics et al have worked and I have taken the plunge. I have officially signed up for #MyFriendAlexa.

Through the whole of October you’ll be seeing a bit of me and then some. Although the others who have registered will be blogging away with some theme in mind, I have none. I’m taking it as the wind blows. Let’s see where it goes!

Stay with me, my readers, through my forthcoming campaign and cheer me on from the ringside.

Like, comment and share my posts. That would be a tremendous boost to my enthusiasm and energy levels just like the encouraging cheers and the glucose supply handed over to runners on a marathon. For this is a marathon – a blog marathon!

With the Virus playing havoc with life, business, education and pretty much everything else, travel is yet another casualty, and more so leisure travel. So what do people with the travel itch do?

The next best thing – pick up a good travel book and immerse themselves in it’s pages. And if the author has a way with words and is able to weave images of the places she writes about, then the reader will surely be taken on a journey, right from the comfort of his armchair.

Jyoti Jha is one such author who can definitely spin words and create magic. Her travel book – Around the world through my lens – is a visual delight and takes readers to some amazing places around the globe. Beautiful descriptions, pictures to go with them and detailed explanations of places she has visited, with touches of personal details and experiences, this book is a veritable treasure for travel lovers.

My personal favourites – maybe because I visited these places and so find them familiar – happened to be Stratford upon Avon. Shakespeare’s birth place and the place he returned to be buried in after his death, this little market town is a major tourist attraction.

My all time favourite – London – has a whole chapter devoted to it and boy am I happy! With a 5-year stint in this city, Jyoti is the perfect authority on this vibrant city and all the attractions that it has to offer to the visitors.

Until the world eases up, dive into the book and live the journeys of the author as she writes about some well known and some off beat destinations. Make the most of the times and indulge into some armchair travel. See the world through Jyoti Jha’s lens.

The book is available on Amazon at this link https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08DV6F5MM

The author blogs at her site – My views My reviews at this link https://myviewsandreviews.in/author/jyoti/

Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka.

What to tell, today morning The Mister is bringing the newspaper inside the house and saying, Oho, it is our Kamala!

And I am going into shock-like mode.

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The call of work, we cannot ignore
it takes us far from our home land.
To different cities, states and countries
across strange new hills and desert sands.

We leave the family we grew up in,
our sisters, brothers, our parents;
And the other familiar faces too
our neighbours and our friends.

It feels strange in our new abode.
New faces, new names – it’s a blur.
We meet them here, we meet them there,
It doesn’t cause much of a stir.

Strangers all, in the initial days,
they become acquaintances and companions.
You exchange ‘hi’s and ‘hellos’s first,
gradually they turn into friends.

You message, you call, you visit each other,
you share a meal or two.
Somehow they become the go-to person
when you’re feeling a little blue.

Now, they are the ones who celebrate with you,
when happy times are near,
They are the ones who offer their shoulder
when you go through doubts and fear.

As the years roll by, slowly but surely
the dynamics change totally.
When and how, you never know
Those strangers have become family!

                                                                   ©Radhika Acharya


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