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Railway bridge across the Zuari

I am participating in the A to Z writing challenge. When I participated in the 2019 season of the challenge, I ended up with some super hilarious posts revolving around a simple Indian middle-class family and their fun episodes. The 26 posts were later put together and published as a paperback – The Adventures of the JP family which has been received with much enthusiasm and hilarity among the readers.

Although my preferred genre of writing is humor, this time around I elected to go with a non-fiction theme and chose Goa as my target simply because I love that State and I wished to present its nuances through my posts along with some light-hearted personal reminiscences and anecdotes. I hope I have done justice to the theme and the place.

We are on day 26 and the final letter of the challenge with Z for the river Zuari.

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Yo bailey yo, Sorroh maka zai poilo …
sorro maka dinam zalear
tuzo fodtolom toklo!

These are the lyrics of a most famous Konkani song titled Bebdo – drunkard. We grew up listening to this song and I remembered it now. Because today’s alphabet is all about that part of Goan culture which is so synonymous with the State as a drinker’s paradise! Which is not surprising, with taverns found at nooks and corners of almost every street in Goa.

And what might a tavern be? According to Collin’s dictionary, a tavern is a less common word for pub or bar, a place licensed for sale and consumption of liquor on the premises.

But in Goa, a tavern was much more than just a watering hole. It was an integral, deep and vital part of Goan life back in the past. It has been part of the fabric of local culture for generations.

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Pic courtesy – My nephew Dr. Anirudh Rao

I’ve chosen Goa as my theme for the A to Z writing challenge 2022, not without good reason. When I look back on a fairly uncorrupted, unpolluted region of some years ago, a region rich with natural beauty and resources, most of which have been exploited and milked dry through the years, my nostalgia is tinged with mixed emotions. I simply want to put the Goa that I know before you, in place of the Goa that it has become today.

A few technical details help in getting better acquainted with anything, even a place, so let me be your xenagogue (tour guide) to my most favourite place in the whole world.  

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I am participating in the A to Z writing challenge and I’m on the last lap of an amazing writing experience with Goa as my theme. It’s day 23 and the letter W for the Waterfall of Dudhsagar, one of the most scenic waterfalls in India. Around 60 kms from the capital city of Panjim, close to the Goa-Karnataka border it falls within the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary of Sanguem.

Although it flows all the year round, its actual beauty unfolds during the monsoon months when it cascades in 4 tiers with water plummeting from a height of 1000 feet into the valley below forming a curtain of white milky spray from where it gets its name – Sea of Milk.

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I am participating in the A to Z writing challenge and my theme is the lesser-known treasures of Goa. It’s day 22 and the letter V for Boca de Vaca, a natural spring right in the heart of the Panjim city.

Yet another quaint structure from the Portuguese era, the mouth of the spring has the appearance of a cow, giving it the cute name it goes by – Boca de Vaca – Face of a Cow.

It is situated right at the foot of the Altinho hill, next to the Mushtifund School on Dada Vaidya Road and just a 5 minute walk from our home in the Junta House. All these spots are significant and have found mention in the various letters through the challenge.

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