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IMG-20190407-WA0009V – Vegetable Cutter and The Aunt

5.00 P.M.

JayPrakash Uncle returns home from office to find his living room occupied – in every sense of the word!

The Aunt is sitting cross-legged on the armchair with an intent look on her face. Both boys are on the sofa, chin on palm, watching the proceedings in front of them with great interest.

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U – Udupi Hotel

“Today is my No-Cook Day!” announces The Aunt one morning. 

“Yayyy!” yells Raju.

“Yippee!” cheers Raghu.

The Aunt looks pleased at the enthusiastic response and looks around at JayPrakash Uncle.

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T – Time Flies at The JP house

“No wonder!” exclaimed Raghu suddenly one morning. “It’s stopped working!”

The rest of the family looked at him wondering what had stopped working.

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S – Super Sale with JP Uncle

One evening The Aunt decided that it was time the family went shopping for some clothes. It was ages since they’d bought any and she and the boys were going around in torn and tattered clothes, she declared.

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R – Recipes with The Aunt

Most days, around mid-morning, after the breakfast things are cleared away, The Aunt is found squatting in front of the refrigerator with the contents of the vegetable box spread out in front of her on the floor. A scene not unlike the Friday village market. All that is needed is for her to shout out her wares and – there you are!

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