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Hey folks,

I’d  been thinking about starting my own blog for a little time now; but just wasn’t getting around to it. When I search the net and see the millions of people who have websites on almost every conceivable topic under the sun, I finally manage to convince myself that if they can do it,  so can I !

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Disclaimer: The writer does not take responsibility for the after effects of this post. Those with high sugar and cholesterol levels – please continue reading at your own risk!

What brought this on? Well, we just celebrated a major festival – Diwali – last week and I’m still full of the hot, sweet, spicy snacks and sweets I’ve gorged on, in the name of the festival. There’s relatively less noise in the house these days. I’m full, remember!!!  ‘Empty vessels and all that! Does that ring a bell? Well it would have, if you had followed my blog more faithfully!!

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You know what? It appears that Jessica Alba and I share a thing in common. If we look carefully we might find more than one, I’m sure….. Let’s see, for starters – she’s an accomplished actress, has won numerous awards and her net worth is supposedly 340 million dollars (says Wikipedia) I’m an accomplished Drama Queen (say reliable sources), my awards aren’t numerous, but I did win the 1st prize once at a party game (for collecting and throwing the most ping pong balls into a bucket in 1 minute) and my net worth – well I’m pretty close to her 340 whatever, if you scratch out the million and the dollars part! There… see!!

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Anyone remembers the li’l red box found in the corner of some streets? It was called a postbox, I think!  One wrote a letter addressed to “My dear whoever, ” put it in an envelope, stuck a stamp on it and popped it into the postbox. Then, the ‘men in brown’ (they were called postmen, I think) took over, making sure the letter reached ‘your dear whoever’.

Ah!! Letter writing! A dying art – if not already dead!

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“Little Rocket Man. Your threats will be met with fire and fury; madman on the loose!”

“Rogue! Gangster! A frightened dog barks loudest. I will tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire”

These verbal missiles are what some boys, separated by about 6423 miles and an Ocean, are firing at each other.

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That’s how one’s name is generally asked in India! “What’s your good name?” And, if this query is put to a South Indian, then the listener had better find a chair and make himself comfortable – because some hard core South Indian names can be a mile long and normally include the person’s entire biography, as in – his name and the names of his father, his village, his caste, his community……. take a deep breath and check this name out – Srimadaddankithirumalavaraahavenkatathaa!! Whew!! 🙂

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