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Instagram. That entirely amazing platform for proud and fond parents to record their child’s cute little growing up memories. Today’s parents and their babies are super spoilt for choice. There’s Insta feed, Insta stories, Insta reels … and of cource FaceBook!

Today, I’m having fun recording the childhood memories of my two boys, now all grown up. And since there was no Facebook or Instagram then, I’m putting it all down on paper and on microphone.

Welcome to episode 5 of my Twintalising Tales.

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There is a very healthy and popular Indian dish – the avial, which is common to most South Indian States of India. Healthy, because it is a no-oil, no-fry recipe with just vegetables. Popular, because what’s not to like about this gravy-based dish which can be a main course with white rice or a side with rotis or kaboos!

To make this power-packed one-pot meal, a variety of vegetables are cut into bite-sized chunks and then tossed into a vessel, with the tough-to-cook veggies going in first and the softer ones joining them a tad later. The whole thing is then simmered in a thick coconut gravy, seasoned with mustard seeds and red chilies with a dash of coconut oil drizzled over it towards the end, for that magic flavor.

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“Go on! Go back and grow up. But I’m warning you, once you’re grown up, you can never come back. Never!”

Famous words from Peter Pan the boy who never grows up.

It is paradoxical right? After all those years of waiting for my boys to grow up quickly when they were young, now I wish they hadn’t grown up at all, like Peter Pan.

We’ve reached episode 4 of my Twintalising Tales, fun tales which trace the growing up days of my two boys.

It’s a well-known fact that babies grow while sleeping. You know it and I know it, but my babies didn’t know it and therefore we had major sleep issues, with one of them and me awake at any given time. It was as if they had decided right in the womb that their mother was dangerous; so they had signed a pact that they would take turns to stay awake and alert to keep an eye on me.

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Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka.

Anybody is ever thinking some years back, that one day all children will sit at home in front of one dabba and we will call it classroom? Tchah! What to tell you? That day I am meeting our neighbour who is teacher, after long time, and I am only asking her one question, how is your online class? Maybe wrong question, because already she is going around with sad face like Meena Kumari and when she is opening her mouth and telling me so many stories of online classes, after 5 minutes Kamalamma is also hunting for hand kerchief as if I am watching Meena Kumari’s tragedy film. Abbabba!  It seems online class is coming up to her neck and situation is so bad, at night when her husband is starting to snore, she is searching for mute button.

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Twins! Are you thinking what I was thinking back then? Identical twins, identical birth marks, khumb ke mele, drama, drama and more drama. If you’re thinking all this, then you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood, as I am.

Welcome to Episode 3 of my Twintalising Tales.

And in these mini-episodes I’m having fun reliving bits and pieces of my boys’ childhood days.

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