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I flew into my home town Udupi recently and flew out 3 weeks later and somebody remarked that I keep zipping in and out of India, and an international flight is quite like a local bus journey from Udupi to Mangalore for me.

I beg to differ. We don’t have dashing pilots and cute flight attendants on Udupi-M’lore buses, just a sweaty driver who thinks he’s on a Formula One race track and a conductor who thinks he might be the next Rajnikant.

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Talk about coincidences …!

There I was in a cab in bumper-to-bumper traffic in a busy street; and with nothing to look at except cars and more cars to my north, south, east and west, I stared at a bumper sticker on a vehicle in front of me.

Ageing is just another word for living!’ it read. Nice, I thought.

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Myself Kamalamma from Udupi, Karnataka.

What to tell you! After so many months of that corona when people are not going visiting and all, now I am not knowing what to do when guests are coming.

For past two years I am roaming around in same nightie, and the Mister? Abbabba, he is sitting, standing, sleeping 24/7 in blue striped pyjamas with long nada hanging outside like cat’s tail. But we are like this only inside the house. Our neighbour Sheelakka, ohoho … she is roaming on streets also in nightie. I am asking her, arrey Sheelakka, you are going to grocery in nightie only? And she is saying, aiyyo Kamalakka, who will do full shringar just to buy milk, as if Amitabh Bachchan is coming to our grocery?

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I was window-shopping, or to be politically correct, I was browsing through a store near my house, the other day, when I reached the household section and for no reasonable reason, I began drooling over the collection of snack boxes on display.

“How cute is that!” I thought as I turned them around in my hands. There were happy scenes painted on them – birds and flowers and butterflies flitting around which make one think of long drives and picnics out in the countryside. Well, sweet dreams are made of these anyway!

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Am I late? Did I miss the bus? Is it okay to talk about a 2-month old movie? You see, I only got around to watching it now – and ever since, I’ve been like, mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chayn na aaye …… na jaane kahan bheja kho gaya! So, I decided to tell whoever is interested about it and get it off my bheja, once and for all!

Radhe, Radhe …. I’m still hunting for my jaw which dropped to ground level after a few reels of the movie Radhe Shyam (99% Science, 1% – whatever!). With due apologies to admirers of the movie, of all the mind bogglingly unbelievable stories ever told or yet to be told, this one surely takes the Booker prize.

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