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Hey folks,

I’d  been thinking about starting my own blog for a little time now; but just wasn’t getting around to it. When I search the net and see the millions of people who have websites on almost every conceivable topic under the sun, I finally manage to convince myself that if they can do it,  so can I !

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Hey!! I just surfaced from cleaning out my cupboard. And no, it had nothing to do with New Year resolutions…… When I opened the cupboard to look for something, lots of other things fell out on me – like water bursting out on all those lovely people in Titanic!!

Among the things (which I neatly shoved under the bed) I came across the poetic  invitation I’d made for my twins’ 10th birthday bash, years ago. I remember thinking I would do something different that year and came up with this idea, and I did it in just one sitting!! It was probably the poet in me bursting forth like all that water……. in Titanic!!  :/  And although I find it quite cheesy now, I’m going to put it out here ‘cos I guess it’s the best way to preserve my writings for posterity.

Disclaimer : The Shakespeares and Wordsworths out there might cringe a bit!!! But here it is…..

Friends, both near and dear
Kindly lend us your ears
We’re turning 10 this year,
And it’s time to cheer…
So bring out your party gear.

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for
Since the last 11 months and more…

We want you to come
And join in the fun.

The date is Twenty
Food, we assure you,  will be a-plenty
The month is October
Drinks, however, will be sober!

The venue is – Nihal
In their 1st floor Party hall 

   You can drop by at seven
The party may go on till eleven

And the Dress…..?
Now that’s something else!!!

All the Uncles and Aunts
Can come in Saris and pants
But children, children….
It’s a fancy dress party
So let’s all be sportive.

The theme is “Dresses of our nation”
So use your imagination
From Kerala to Kashmir
From Assam to Gujarat……

Come dressed in lehenga and choli
Lungi, dhoti or langoti!!! 😉

We’ll do the catwalk together
And give everyone some pleasure.

This is advance intimation in verse
The formal invitation will follow, of course.

With these few words sure to give you a laugh,
This is Anurag and Avinash signing off!


P.S. The little children came in different colourful costumes from around the country and the party was a huge success.

P.S.S. I know you’re dying to know but are too polite to ask – No one came in langoti!! 

🙂 🙂


Has anyone been to a Formula One Race? I haven’t, but I imagine how it might be – one has to probably sell one’s own car in order to buy a ticket for the race; then, one barely settles down with a can of coke and it’s all over! Not the coke dude, the race…. the race is over!!! All those high-powered machines roar past before you can even blink your eyes!!

Now why did I think of  Formula 1? Because it seems to me that this year has just raced by –  just like those fast cars – before I could really register it. Oh cripes!! I haven’t even followed up on a single one of the nice resolutions I’d made for myself last year!!! 😦  Don’t know about them? You gotta check them out here!!! They were awesome – on print at least, and I really felt good about myself after that. For quite some time after that, I went around, with my chest out and my head held high, like someone who’s done tough things for the Greater Good!

This however did not last long – predictably!! After a few months weeks, I was like that one balloon which has been left behind from the party, full of gas and floating around merrily at first, but after a couple of days starts looking limp and shriveled!! shriveled baloon

However, worry not folks, there is hope for people like me. Recently, I came across an article titled – HOW TO MAKE RESOLUTIONS AND KEEP THEM!! I have not yet read it but I have carefully cut out the said piece and just as carefully kept it in a file.

The file incidentally is labeled (and contains)  – THINGS TO DO AFTER RETIREMENT!

Long time for that!!

Meanwhile you guys have a wonderful New Year!! 🙂







Today’s challenge : Write a post on the daily one-word prompt – Cozy

A perfect word for the weather!

Here I was all cozy in my warm sweater when the word brought up a host of memories – memories of the Art & Craft class back in school, where we learnt to make several items, through our school years, all in the name of making us good wives and mothers later in life.  I seem to have faint memories of consistently getting a B grade for them – for my artistic creations I mean, not for the wife and mother part! That’s not up for grading thank you!

The A & C sessions would be fun and we waited all week for that one period – not so much for the love of making creative things as for the love of 45 minutes of no studies! Unfortunately, however, this one period would be at a premium and most teachers would try their best to get their hands on one, to complete their syllabus.  I learnt later (when I became a teacher) that much haggling and bargaining would take place in the staff room for this ‘golden’ period, especially close to the examinations.

One term I did a table cloth with an embroidered flower pattern and it now serves as a dust cover for my mom’s washing machine!! I cringe every time I look at it –  it’s hideous, if I may say so myself!

The next term, we graduated to a Tea Cozy – an ingenious and dainty creation to keep the teapot and its contents nice and hot. It was either simply done in one layer of thick cloth or it was stuffed with padding inside for that extra bit of cozy insulation. I, of course did the former – less hassle, you know! I got a B for it, needless to say. 🙂

Tea Cozy

Not done by me !! 🙂

I wonder if they’re still used on a daily basis in homes or the sturdy but unimaginative thermos flasks have displaced them.

Are they? Do let me know……


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The guy is a household name in India!! Well almost….. my mom’s maid doesn’t know him, I think. Nor does my mom. Nor my dad or a few of their neighbours. But he’s definitely well-known in other households! Continue reading


It’s quite eerie isn’t it – the ability to  foretell the future?? It has to be one tough job!!

Just think about it – numbers, the twinkling stars, your sweaty palm… are like open books to the numerologists, astrologers and chirologists; who can read in them all the details of your notorious past, your happening present and your mysterious future. Woah!! Continue reading

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