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If your chimney needed decluttering from all the soot and ash collected from burning wood, whom did you call? Chimney sweeps of course! These nimble chaps swarmed up the chimney chute and cleaned it out for you.

Yeah right! We all know that.

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Do you know a secret about writers? I’ll tell you…… they love their readers. Believe me – we truly do! Because without readers our writing would be quite pointless, right? It would be like ‘singing in the bathroom’ – the soap, the water and the singing would all simply go down the drain!

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are!

Starlit Sky” Meena Chatty’s ebook is a real treat for all those who have wondered about the twinkling diamonds up above the world so high.

An 85 page tribute to her father who was an avid astronomer, the book is a treasure troveĀ  – rich in facts and information on the wonders of the celestial sky.

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You know, sometimes it takes just one event to bring about a huge change in one’s life!

Oh no no. I’m not referring to some epiphanic moment or anything remotely philosophical.

Mine is a literary event actually.

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