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Five minutes…..

When you’re bored 5 minutes can seem long, But when you’re having a good time those very 5 minutes can fleet by!!

I had my precious 5 minutes featured in Motivate  Me hosted by Shelley Wilson an author, Blogger and a Coach, in her 5 minutes series where she features interviews with other Bloggers – established ones and struggling ones (like me!! 🙂 )

You can check it out here 

Thank you Shelley!!



Man proposes, God disposes.

A powerful proverb thought up by some really wise guy.

Not to be outdone, I’ve come up with an equally powerful one of my own –

Man hoards, Wife disposes!

At this point, I hasten to mention that in some households the other way round also holds true apparently.

However, in our house it’s my dad who hoards. And how! It’s big business with him. Nothing – BUT NOTHING – is discarded in the house without it first going under his scanner, and then carefully put away. It could be just about anything – cells, screws of different sizes, nylon ropes, grocery receipts of over three years, an assortment of pens (some write, some don’t) cardboard cartons, envelopes, postage stamps, locks and keys and more – you name it – he’ll have it!

Whenever any of us needs anything urgently – and this invariably happens late in the evenings or on a holiday when the shops are closed – we ask him hopefully, “Dad, do you think you might have….?”  Nine times out of ten, he does; and he springs into action, to locate the ‘most wanted thing of the moment’ among his collection of odds and ends in the store room or in the cabinets in the spare room. Very soon we have one of those ‘I’m feeling lucky’ moments and dad emerges, triumphantly brandishing the thingummy. But on that one occasion……!

Well, this is where mom steps into the picture. Because, mom disposes!  You see, mom doesn’t like clutter! 🙂

To give her credit, she does it only with things that haven’t been touched for a longish period of time. A thing will be lying around for a couple of years or more (kept there carefully by dad, of course), and one fine day mom will get into her cleaning mode and will prowl around the house armed with a duster and a long cobweb cleaner. While at it, she’ll decide by some intricate calculations, that something has over-shot it’s store-by date and out it goes into the pile in the shed behind the house. It lies there for a few days or weeks until the second-hand scrap collector comes a-calling.  Moments after he’s done piling the stuff into his pick-up and the vehicle turns round the corner, dad potters along looking for that ‘thing’. He’s decided that he needs it right then and is convinced that life is meaningless without it!

While all the furious searching is going on, mom passes by and announces that ‘that thing’ is no longer present in the house. She adds defiantly and with false bravado that she’d seen it lying around doing nothing for the past two years and she didn’t think it could be useful to anyone anymore, so ….. !

And that is precisely when and how World War III begins at home!  Lots of sound and fury! Lasts for a few minutes. Then the Cold War follows! Lasts for a couple of hours. Followed by a tacit cease-fire agreement. Calm prevails. Everybody goes about minding their own business as before.

Days pass by. Summer gives way to the monsoon. Winter follows. Dad hoards. And mom disposes!


I have a confession to make.

I love Bollywood. I really do! I’m most of the time okay with the extra licence it takes with its audience. I’m not too fussy. I don’t mind if most of our films have very thin or no story lines, over-the-top melodrama, slap-stick comedy or even song and dance sequences bursting upon us without warning!! I don’t even insist that our films should be socially relevant or should carry a message for the audience. As long as it’s a decent and harmless entertainment and is worth the huge bucket of popcorn I normally invest in (it really is huge folks!) I am happy.

If there’s a choice between a Bollywood flick or a Hollywood one, I would go for the former most decidedly. Hollywood skies have anyway gotten over-crowded with too many aliens trying to take over Earth and too many Incredibles and Invincibles and Unmentionables trying to save Earth! 🙂

Having said all this, however, I have to admit here that, in recent times, even the most laid-back, take-it-easy brain can’t help feeling baffled and bemused by the latest trend in Bollywood. The Biopic Mania!! Every Director and Producer seems to be jumping onto the Biopic bandwagon – films on the life and times of sundry characters.

Biographical films are all the craze among our B-town folks and a good many have already been screened to date, with more in the pipeline. Varied persons seem to be getting their 2 and 1/2 hours worth of celluloid fame; finally, as it were – for some long-forgotten, ignored, genuinely deserving personalities. The public gets to know the untold struggles and story behind sports persons, freedom fighters, social entrepreneurs and the like. All very interesting and inspiring!

All …..? Well, I really don’t know about that. I have never really understood the need for and rationale behind a biopic on a match-fixing sportstar, for instance. A colossal waste of time, effort and money in my two-bit opinion!! Similarly I don’t get the rationale behind the soon-to-be released biopic on a current film personality.

Sanju by Rajkumar Hirani on Sanjay Dutt played by Ranbir Kapoor. I know it’s democracy and all that but – a Bollywood film by a Bollywood Director on a Bollywood actor played by another Bollywood actor!!!! Well well well!

Here I was (and most others too I guess) innocently assuming that Biopics ought to be about people who achieve something in their lifetime, enough to educate and inspire others!! By no generous stretch of imagination can that possibly be applied to the colourful and happening life that Sanjay seems to have led.

Filmstars in India are idolised and looked upto like nobody’s business!! A life of any actor indulging in substance abuse early in life, a rampant womaniser (Hirani himself has revealed how Sanjay conned around 308 (!!!!) women into his bed) and his court-proven connection with bomb blasts and AK-56 rifles and subsequent jail time cannot be an inspiring tale to tell surely!!

Just in passing I am interested to know what message Director Hirani wants to convey to the public with this biopic.
– That one shouldn’t be doing all the bad things Sanjay did in his life? Learn from His-tory, maybe ?
–   That our film heroes can have a gaudy personal life and get away with it? In spite of everything, Sanjay has a huge and crazily loyal fan following. Or
–   That the public should follow the policy of forgive and forget and give the bloke a chance? Apparently he’s a family man post his jail days and has tried to mend his ways.

A film Director is much like a lawyer I would think – the outcome of any case depends more or less on how it is presented. So all we have to do is wait for the weekend release of this highly-anticipated and much-awaited (as per claims) movie to see how much the ‘life and times of Sanjay Dutt’ have been glomourised, glorified and justified on screen.

As far as I’m concerned, however, inspite of being a self-confessed Bollywood fan and inspite of a Trailer in which Ranbir Kapoor – for whom I have a soft spot – seems to have surpassed himself with an uncanny portrayal of Sanjay,  I really can’t be bothered to spend my time and money in the theaters this weekend to find out anything about ‘the curious case of Sanju’!

Because dearies, I really don’t care, do you?? 🙂





Pic courtesy – Kids Fashion : Melania Trump-I-really-don’t-care-do-you-Tshirt.


Finally it’s out in the open – the secret to effortless weight loss!!

Japanese researchers have been conducting a study on obesity, walking and so on and so forth; and they recently published the results in the Medical Journals.

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