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Myself Kamalamma, from Karnataka.

7 days since India is in lockdown and every morning I am waking up feeling like throat is itching. Then I am worried. Ayyo Rama! Ayyo Krishna! Sore throat is coming or what! Then I am rushing around with salt and hot water and all. Half glass salt water I am gargling, other half I am swallowing. By mistake. Kamalamma is very bad at gargling. :/

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Myself Kamalamma, from Kunjibettu Karnataka.

What to tell you people! Ever since this Made in China Corona has hit the world, my all friends, neighbours and well-wishers are asking, What Kamalamma, full silence on the topic. Why no comment from you?

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So you think waiting around at an airport is boring and tedious? Not really …… it can be good time pass if you know where to look! 

And I’m here to help you with that 🙂

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My dear Harry and Meghan,

Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu, Karnataka.

I am writing with regard to your recent announcement which sent the whole world into such a tizzy. Really, this Megxit business is getting dissected in all newspapers like a frog in a school laboratory.

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