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Raise your hand whoever is tired with the pandemic, the lockdowns, the travel restrictions and don’t forget – THE MASK!

My hand is definitely up! So here’s a little something to drive away the pandemic blues for a few minutes at least. I’m coming out with a new series on my podcast Bits and Pieces with Radhika.

With life at the pause button and time on my hands since the last one and half years, I’ve been in super-nostalgia mode. I’ve been travelling back in time to the childhood days of my sons, the days of their wide-eyed innocence, those ‘mother-knows-best’ days when they would gaze up at me as if I was Einstein! Oh that feeling!

After all those years of wishing they would grow up quickly, now paradoxically, I want those old days back.

This is where memories come in handy.

I’m going to dig up some memories and string them into a few episodes, where I look back on some of those long-gone days, relive and enjoy the process of being a mother to a delightful pair of boys all over again.

So ever since I disclosed my grand plans to my two sons, they’ve been flipping over like two cats on a hot tin roof, wondering what embarrassing skeletons I shall be dragging out from their childhood cupboards. That’s fine… it assures me 2 guaranteed listeners in them!

Without giving away much, I can tell you that it’s going to be a fun series.

So do tune in, like, share and subscribe to my podcast Bits and Pieces with Radhika.

You can listen to the pilot episode right here.

Looking forward to having you at my soon-to-be released 1st episode of Twintalising tales.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

2 thoughts on “Twin’talising Tales – Pilot episode

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Congratulations!


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