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Simmba sent me down memory lane in Goa!!


via Daily Prompt: Casual I turned the Invitation card over in my hands, and read it through once more – Our gracious presence was solicited for the wedding reception of Blah and Blah at the Town Hall.  Dress – Casual And I smiled to myself. That last information brought back quaint  memories of my childhood …

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“Nothing to worry about…..What I would advise you is…..” were the opening words with which my dad, Dr. N.G.K. Sharma would invariably address his patients after examining them. And as the HOD and Professor of Medicine at Goa Medical College, people came from far beyond the borders of Goa for his comforting words and soothing touch! …

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When the British finally left India, all those years ago, their luggage bursting at the seams with the Kohinoor, the sword of Tipu, the Golden Throne and other valuables; they were  forced to leave behind their quintessential raiment – the suit, the boot and the tie! Today we may bend over backwards trying to erase …

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