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Remember those proverbs we learnt in school? I mean, they taught us and we believed them as Gospel. In our defense, we were just a bunch of impressionable young kids back then, our hair in pigtails tied up in blue ribbons.

I’ve been thinking – about proverbs mind you, not the pigtails – and I strongly feel we may just have been misled on many of them. What took me so long to come to this conclusion you may ask.

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So now you get a rough-ish idea why Fisher, Schaffer, Briggs and Co. hold such an important place in my heart.

For those coming in late and have missed out the first hilarious part, please buy tickets read it for free here.

As I was saying, thanks to the above names, we got our first washing machine when my parents shifted to their own home in Ambalpady.

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Alva J Fisher, Jacob Christian Schaffer, Nathaniel Briggs.

Do you know them? Well I do. Not personally. I mean, we’re not exactly on hello/hi terms or such like. We couldn’t possibly be, them belonging to some centuries ago and already having passed on to the life after and all that.

When I say I know them, I just mean that I came across their names on Wikipedia, when I dropped by to check out who invented the washing machine. These names popped up among others. While I bit my tongue trying to pronounce some of them, I shall be forever grateful to these guys.

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