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I was window-shopping, or to be politically correct, I was browsing through a store near my house, the other day, when I reached the household section and for no reasonable reason, I began drooling over the collection of snack boxes on display.

“How cute is that!” I thought as I turned them around in my hands. There were happy scenes painted on them – birds and flowers and butterflies flitting around which make one think of long drives and picnics out in the countryside. Well, sweet dreams are made of these anyway!

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Am I late? Did I miss the bus? Is it okay to talk about a 2-month old movie? You see, I only got around to watching it now – and ever since, I’ve been like, mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chayn na aaye …… na jaane kahan bheja kho gaya! So, I decided to tell whoever is interested about it and get it off my bheja, once and for all!

Radhe, Radhe …. I’m still hunting for my jaw which dropped to ground level after a few reels of the movie Radhe Shyam (99% Science, 1% – whatever!). With due apologies to admirers of the movie, of all the mind bogglingly unbelievable stories ever told or yet to be told, this one surely takes the Booker prize.

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Myself Kamalamma from Udupi, Karnataka.

What to tell you? Yesterday, the Mister is sitting on the sofa and shaking his head from left to right and right to left. Then, I am thinking … aiyyo, like some people are getting up one morning and thinking they are President of America or some such thing, the Mister is also waking up thinking he is pendulum of wall clock or what? I am wondering whether to call doctor or no but it seems there is nothing to worry, he is only reading some news item in newspaper which is making him to shake his head.

It seems, somebody is throwing cake at Mona Lisa in Paris. Abbabba!

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“Dear customer, due to congestion at the airport, we recommend you to report at least 4 hours prior to departure ….” went the SMS from our airlines, the lean, mean flying machine we had chosen to fly from Bengaluru to Abu Dhabi.

And these few words were enough to throw our well-planned schedule haywire. The husband and I are creatures of habit. Age does that to a person. We like to do things at our pace and packing is one of them. We fold things and pack them, then we unpack, unfold, re-fold and re-pack them. Then we are hit by a sudden wave of agony – did we really pack such and such thing? So, we open the suitcase and rummage around, throwing everything upside down, until we discover that we have packed it, after all! After a few more times of doing this, we’re finally ready to sit on the suitcase and lock it up.

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Railway bridge across the Zuari

I am participating in the A to Z writing challenge. When I participated in the 2019 season of the challenge, I ended up with some super hilarious posts revolving around a simple Indian middle-class family and their fun episodes. The 26 posts were later put together and published as a paperback – The Adventures of the JP family which has been received with much enthusiasm and hilarity among the readers.

Although my preferred genre of writing is humor, this time around I elected to go with a non-fiction theme and chose Goa as my target simply because I love that State and I wished to present its nuances through my posts along with some light-hearted personal reminiscences and anecdotes. I hope I have done justice to the theme and the place.

We are on day 26 and the final letter of the challenge with Z for the river Zuari.

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