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Dear Bachchan Sir,

Myself Mrs Kamala from Karnataka, Udupi. I am thinking to write a letter to you from long time but afterwards I am thinking who writes letters nowadays! Whole world is on whatsapp only no!

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Shopping is an experience; it is even more so when one shops from the heart and not from the pocket.

I’m just back from shopping at the super market and I tell you dears, my heart is beating wildly, my head is whirling and my pocket certainly feels lighter after the experience.

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 A stone pelter – anyone who pelts stones. You already knew that dear reader? I do apologise!

Ambalpady? Ah seems like I caught you here! It’s not in the north of India as you might have thought, rather it’s a small place in the outskirts of Udupi district in Karnataka in South India.

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JP Uncle and the Aunt are on their after-dinner walk around the neighborhood.

The Uncle is swinging his arms vigorously left and right and up and down. He has read somewhere that it is good for blood circulation.

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