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 A stone pelter – anyone who pelts stones. You already knew that dear reader? I do apologise!

Ambalpady? Ah seems like I caught you here! It’s not in the north of India as you might have thought, rather it’s a small place in the outskirts of Udupi district in Karnataka in South India.

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My attempt at a pookalam

At the English medium school in Mumbai where I worked years ago, whenever my Supervisor wanted to tell me something she would call out to me, “Raaadhigé…”

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JP Uncle and the Aunt are on their after-dinner walk around the neighborhood.

The Uncle is swinging his arms vigorously left and right and up and down. He has read somewhere that it is good for blood circulation.

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I glanced up as a gentle ping announced the arrival of a new message on my WhatsApp. I tapped my phone open and smiled as I checked the message. It was from my childhood friend Savita.

Apparently her son was relocating to Chennai and she was wondering how he would adjust in the hot humid South Indian city after a long stint in cool and pleasant Pune.

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If your chimney needed decluttering from all the soot and ash collected from burning wood, whom did you call? Chimney sweeps of course! These nimble chaps swarmed up the chimney chute and cleaned it out for you.

Yeah right! We all know that.

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