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A tribute to the health care providers all over the world and especially in India, because ….


It’s not easy being a Doctor in India

Calm faces, reassuring attitude,
a stethoscope around their shoulders.
In this ongoing war with a deadly virus
they are the front-line soldiers.

After years and years of arduous studies
they are in this profession by passion.
Hard earned the respected degree of ‘DOCTOR’
that white coat is not a statement of fashion.

No proper sleep, no meals on time,
over-worked and under-paid too.
Putting themselves and their families on hold
risking their lives for me and you.

They have no desire to be put on a pedestal
And treated as some celebrity.
All they ask for is some cooperation
and our support as they do their duty.

When they took the Hippocrates oath,
they were not looking for bouquets or claps.
But, in return for their selfless service,
We reward them with stones and slaps.

Dear Doctors, when you leave in the morning,
Your families worry about you;
For you not only have to fight a deadly virus,
but an ungrateful public too!

© Radhika Acharya

Myself Kamalamma, from Karnataka.

What to tell! This lock down, stay home stay safe and all is looking never ending. It is like we are running and running and finally reaching finishing line in 100 meter race and then what they are doing? Taking finishing line and putting it somewhere in front! Tchah.

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Myself Kamalamma, from Karnataka.

7 days since India is in lockdown and every morning I am waking up feeling like throat is itching. Then I am worried. Ayyo Rama! Ayyo Krishna! Sore throat is coming or what! Then I am rushing around with salt and hot water and all. Half glass salt water I am gargling, other half I am swallowing. By mistake. Kamalamma is very bad at gargling. :/

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