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Q – Standing in Queues

JayPrakash Uncle loves standing in Queues!

Whenever he spots one, his legs automatically lead him to it and he joins up first; questions later. He has to be completely convinced that he has no business in that particular queue before he gets off reluctantly. And goes off in search of another!

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P – Parent-Teacher Meeting

9.00 A.M

“Are you listening to me?” The Aunt asked JayPrakash Uncle as they sat at the breakfast table. No reply. The Uncle was safely hidden behind the newspaper; or so he thought. Which husband has ever safely hidden from his wife!!!

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O – One for the Road

JayPrakash Uncle sat behind the steering wheel of his car with The Aunt regally seated next to him in the passenger seat. He reversed the car out of the parking slot and drove slowly up to the gates of the building complex.

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JayPrakash Uncle woke up with a start from a deep sleep of the innocent, as beside him The Aunt let out a  loud gasp and sat up suddenly. The Uncle switched on the bed-lamp and looked at his wife.

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M – Maid for each other

The living room at The JP house is spick and span – Furniture all dusted, cushions propped up, fresh flowers on the centre table. The Aunt, neatly dressed with pinned up hair and pinned up sari, arranges the two boys on the sofa.

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