Of empty vessels and the noise they make!!

Jessica Alba the American actress and I have a few things in common. To find out more read on.....


Star Wars – Rocket Man V/S Dotard!!

"Little Rocket Man. Your threats will be met with fire and fury; madman on the loose!" "Rogue! Gangster! A frightened dog barks loudest. I will tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire" These verbal missiles are what some boys, separated by about 6423 miles and an Ocean, are firing at each other. Well Well. Boys … Continue reading Star Wars – Rocket Man V/S Dotard!!

20 years it is!!

THE man in the news these past few days - guru, music director, song writer, film maker, social worker, head of a social group - Whew!! Will the real person please stand up!! This flamboyant self-styled guru, whose name and list of so-called achievements seem to be more than the hair on my head, has … Continue reading 20 years it is!!