Eat all you can!! But can you? :)

Summers in the Gulf are hot. And when I say hot I mean H.O.T! It peaks in July and August and it's hot, humid and suffocating outside. The heat hits you and you start to sweat and gasp for breath, the second you're out of the A/C - and you wonder who invented it and … Continue reading Eat all you can!! But can you? 🙂

Skip to my loo my darling!

Trending - The latest Bollywood release - "Toilet: A Love Story" based on the real life story of a feisty young woman who walked out and refused to go back to her husband's home in a village in central India, a day or two after the wedding. Reason - she discovered that her new home … Continue reading Skip to my loo my darling!

Daily Prompt: Glaringly Spicy!

Glaring Uh Oh! I'm late again??? (Sigh) This used to be a pretty glaring characteristic of mine when I was younger but I genuinely thought I had finally outgrown it..... Apparently I was mistaken (Sigh again) When I say 'late', I don't mean time-wise, by the clock you know - it's not like I was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glaringly Spicy!

From the paper to the altar!

For every Indian family (and its inquisitive neighbor) life revolves around the marriage of the offspring, and almost the entire life is spent either on saving up for it or trying to recover from it! Marriages may be made in heaven, but they're played out, with elaborate rituals, in the marriage altar; and a whole … Continue reading From the paper to the altar!

Oh the Agony of it all!!!

Apart from the 'ever-so popular', 'breaking-all-records' humor blog that I update from time to time, probably unknown to you all, I also run a regular weekly Agony Aunt's column under the title - NOSEY NEIGHBOURHOOD AUNT. It happens to be a hugely popular site judging from all the mail flooding my inbox; in fact I … Continue reading Oh the Agony of it all!!!