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I see humor in the mundane.

Disclaimer: The writer does not take responsibility for the after effects of this post. Those with high sugar and cholesterol levels – please continue reading at your own risk! What brought this on? Well, we just celebrated a major festival – Diwali – last week and I’m still full of the hot, sweet, spicy snacks …

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“Little Rocket Man. Your threats will be met with fire and fury; madman on the loose!” “Rogue! Gangster! A frightened dog barks loudest. I will tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire” These verbal missiles are what some boys, separated by about 6423 miles and an Ocean, are firing at each other.

That’s how one’s name is generally asked in India! “What’s your good name?” And, if this query is put to a South Indian, then the listener had better find a chair and make himself comfortable – because some hard core South Indian names can be a mile long and normally include the person’s entire biography, …

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