Daily Prompt: Glaringly Spicy!

Glaring Uh Oh! I'm late again??? (Sigh) This used to be a pretty glaring characteristic of mine when I was younger but I genuinely thought I had finally outgrown it..... Apparently I was mistaken (Sigh again) When I say 'late', I don't mean time-wise, by the clock you know - it's not like I was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glaringly Spicy!


Daily Prompt: Casual

via Daily Prompt: Casual I turned the Invitation card over in my hands, and read it through once more - Our gracious presence was solicited for the wedding reception of Blah and Blah at the Town Hall. ┬áDress - Casual And I smiled to myself. That last information brought back quaint ┬ámemories of my childhood … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Casual