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Myself Kamalamma from Kunjibettu in Udupi.

What to tell you … nowadays, we are getting to learn new and big words. From Corona time we are hearing quarantine and distancing and sanitizer and now, it seems it is Boycott. Our social media is full trending with boycott this and boycott that! Especially Bollywood.

Every time new picture from Bollywood is coming out, all are shouting boycott, boycott! And because of this boycott business, it seems many big banners are bombing at box office. Abbabba … now you people will say this Kamalamma is having too many Bs in her brain.

Anyway, I am not knowing too much about boycott and all, but I am thinking it is good in a way because now that big brother Bollywood is moving to one side, other brothers like Tollywood and Mollywood and Jollygood are becoming popular. At least in this way, our all citizens are coming to know that there are other States and other languages also in India. What to tell you … nowadays only South Indian films are becoming super hit and whole country is knowing about Pushpa and his chappal!

Otherwise, before what is happening? North people are thinking full South India is only Madrasi where all women are putting coconut oil on hair and frying banana chips whole day and all men are wearing lungi and fighting with sickles and swords on the streets. So much confusion about our side of India … yebbe!

If I am meeting anybody from up part of India, first they are asking if I am Malabari and I am saying no, no I am Kannada, then those fellows are saying, oho … where in Canada? And then full 45 minutes they are talking about their bua’s beta who is in Ontario and chachi’s beti in Toronto and all! Abbabba!

But if I am to be like Mahatma Gandhi and speak the truth, even we people in the South are little bit confused whether full North India is only Punjab where half the people are dancing bhangra and other half are drinking and drinking full 24/7. And how I am knowing this? From Karan Johar in Bollywood … so all information is verified and certified, no?

But now, with all this boycott and all, I am telling the Mister that Johar anna will 100% shift to South side, so very soon our south heroes and heroines also will stand on terrace with thali in hand and wait for moon, so that they can look at their misters’ face! Then the Mister is asking if I will also join them on rooftop. What to tell you … 365 days I am looking at his face in the house and getting angry, then why I will climb up to terrace again to look at same face? Yebbe!

But I am not saying this loudly, because then Boycott Kamalamma will be trending and first person to start it will be the Mister. Abbabba!

This post was first published in the Witty Wordsmith of the Times of India, blogs.

One thought on “Kamalamma and Boycott Bollywood!

  1. Priya says:

    Loved the writeup Ms. Radihka, enjoyed it,already waiting for the next read


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