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Am I late? Did I miss the bus? Is it okay to talk about a 2-month old movie? You see, I only got around to watching it now – and ever since, I’ve been like, mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chayn na aaye …… na jaane kahan bheja kho gaya! So, I decided to tell whoever is interested about it and get it off my bheja, once and for all!

Radhe, Radhe …. I’m still hunting for my jaw which dropped to ground level after a few reels of the movie Radhe Shyam (99% Science, 1% – whatever!). With due apologies to admirers of the movie, of all the mind bogglingly unbelievable stories ever told or yet to be told, this one surely takes the Booker prize.

The saga begins with Aditya, a world-famous palmist (the Einstein of palmistry, if you please) looking deeply into Indira Gandhi’s palm and predicting that she would be declaring Emergency soon. Aha, if you were wondering whom to blame for that 1975 political fiasco, look no further. I’m surprised why the political parties have not raised a storm on this one yet. Maybe they’re as gobsmacked as I am!

A few reels later, we are introduced to Prerna who is really a prerna for me on how to look super cute and yet agree to do a film like this one. Oh and by the way, she loves hanging right out of fast-moving trains in Italy … or was it Spain? Don’t know, don’t care! Why should I when no one else does? Not one co-passenger even raises an eyebrow at this frivolously foolish act! Tsk, tsk!

Meanwhile, the hero is depicted as a globe-trotting Romeo; you see, he’s read his own palm and oh dear – there is no love-line there, which therefore gives him the licence to travel through a gamut of fair-skinned females, around a breathtakingly beautiful Europe. In his own words – he’s not looking at relationships but only ‘flirtationships’! Ouch! Why flirtation- whatever? Because ‘having affairs’ is so passé, get it? I should have seen this coming actually. If Prabhas could sign on the dotted line even after reading the script, then mouthing such dialogues without breaking into hysterical laughter is just a hop, skip and jump. Me thinks, 99% he read his pay cheque and only 1% the script!

And then there’s a little matter of the heroine who is suffering from a mysterious terminal tumour and alas, she has only 2 months to live and no cure on the horizon either. But our Einstein, I mean, palmist knows better obviously and he declares that she will live. And how! On her last day on earth (I guess) her grand dad rushes in with a file which says hey presto … a sudden miraculous cure has been discovered overnight and yes, she will live after all! All’s well that ends well? Not quite.

Inspite of destiny working her way 100%, the silly girl must needs drive herself into a horrific almighty crash and she’s back to a case of will she … won’t she …! But hey, you’ve forgotten our hero. He’s the only answer, hope and reason for her to live and he zips back across Europe, misses a last-minute flight by a whisker, sails across some un-named ocean only to be caught in the eye of a raging tsunami that could put the Titanic to shame … but wait, he survives it and lives to tell the tale. Aren’t you glad he has a better life line than a love line on his palm?

Meanwhile our pretty heroine’s hair clip, gifted to her by her beau, gets more screen space than all the side characters put together, including Bhagyashree! I shall never again take my hair clips for granted, I promise. God knows what history it may have been through just to get to me!

As for the movie, it has an 18 year history too – that’s how long Director Radha Krishna Kumar took to work on this wondrous script apparently. The Radhe Shyam lines on his palm are definitely long and strong!

And what about me? After sitting through 2h 18m of Radhey Shyam, all I can say is Hey Bhagwan!

Disclaimer – This post is 99% in jest and 1% a review! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Radhe, Radhe … Radhey Shyam!

  1. Archana says:

    Haha! All the pointers are on spot. I too left with only one question to the Universe “What makes me super curious to watch this movie? next day all the left out chores were laughing at me like “aur jao movie dekhne” 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha…. its destiny Archana! We had to see it after all! 🤣🤣


  2. Sudeshna Kanjilal says:

    Hahahaha 🤣😅


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