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“Poetry is for courtship, marriage is all prose”

This is the premise of my new book – A GIRL FROM GOA

A girl from Goa, is a romcom, a story based on true incidents of my childhood friend from Goa. It is an honour and a privilege that she chose to tell her story to the world through me. What could be a better validation for a writer than the fact that someone trusts you enough to believe you would do justice to her life’s story?

When Namrata, a girl from Goa meets Sandeep, a boy from across the border, sparks fly! Both in their teens, Namrata is not too much into the young boy from neighbouring Karnataka who pursues her relentlessly. It takes some yam curry, a packet of Surf and thousands of letters before she takes him seriously. This is an innocent love story set in the 1980s. The story moves back and forth between two beautiful states of Goa and Karnataka and is set in the backdrop of the famous beach of Miramar and the quaint temple of Ramnathim both in Goa and the small towns of Bhatkal and Gangolli in Karnataka.

While there are several novels and Bollywood films which abound with the topic of inter-community/state marriages most of these stories end with the protagonists walking happily, hand in hand, towards the horizon while The End appears on screen.

But then that’s Bollywood and we’re paying through our nose for the happy ending – the car parking fee for starters, the tickets which cost a bomb, the popcorn bucket and finally the mandatory visit to the pizza outlet for a befitting finale to our movie date, all of which would seem like a sham without that happy ending!

But my little novella does not end there. It takes you beyond the horizon to challenge and explore if ‘and they lived happily ever after’ thing is for real or is a myth after all. While the courtship days are always fun, the actual marriage and what happens after is an entirely different ball game. And when our young heroine steps over the threshold of her new home, little does she know the trauma, the mental torture, the insults, and the jibes that she has to face from her openly antagonistic in-laws.

Will she survive it all or will she get sucked in by the nervous breakdown and eventual meltdown that she is faced with? Will her husband support her and stand by her side? Will the girl, who gave up her happy carefree teenage years for the stress and responsibilities of not just a wife and young mother but also a much maligned daughter-in-law, be able to summon the courage and confidence to make it through?

Although the book deals with a heavy topic, the narrative is light and at times downright hilarious which makes the book an easy but thought-provoking read. It’s a story right out of Bollywood but with a dose of reality! Do check it out …

The book is just out on Amazon and Kindle – A girl from Goa (and a boy from across the border)

8 thoughts on “A girl from Goa – the journey.

  1. chaya devi says:

    Will definitely read it.
    Love your writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that would wonderful. Give me a review when you do! 😊😊


  2. kittysverses says:

    Wow, Congratulations Ma’am! Will read this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you …and do leave a review when you do! It would mean a lot! 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kittysverses says:

        Yes, sure Ma’am. 🙂


  3. The word ‘Goa’ was enough to spark an interest. I’m gonna see and dowload the kindle version.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! That’s nice to hear. Yesss. There’s a lot of Goa in the book! Do get your copy🤩🤩


  4. travliv360 says:

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    well written

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