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Slow and steady wins the ………

Okay so we’re not in a race here! However my ebook The Adventures of the JP family is plodding on slowly and steadily in its mission to bring on the smiles and chuckles from as many people as possible in these grim times.

And when an unexpected review of the book comes along from someone like Jyoti Jha from My views and reviews – herself an accomplished writer –  it’s like a gust of fresh breeze to take the book a little more towards its goal!

The winner of Times of India’s writing contest – TOI WriteIndia Season 3 – likes my book and says so in her review! It’s like winning a prize myself! 🙂

In Jyoti Jha’s words:

The easiness of the incidents, the relatable situations and characters have been presented in humor-tinged lucid narration that keeps you captivated throughout and you fall in love with the JP family.

The narrative is articulate and gripping, making it impossible to wipe off the constant smile and the bouts of laughter intermittently. The family keeps you hooked until the last chapter where you start craving for more glimpses from their engrossing lives. The book very well succeeds in eliciting tons of smiles and many waves of laughter from the readers, and that too from the everyday simple acts of living in a family. Well, isn’t that what we crave in these tough times!

Absolutely loved this book. 


Catch her full review here The Adventures of the JP family,-Book review

Thank you Jyoti Jha for the huuuuge shout out! 🙂

The book is on Amazon and you can get it at the link here.

There’s a free download scheduled for Friday the 24th July 2020.  




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