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Myself Kamalamma from Karnataka, Udupi.

These days I am having two or three thoughts in my mind. One of them is – when God is giving something to people He is not simply giving no? He is thinking and giving to each person no? Even when He is giving the inches and cms to the people there is reason behind it no?

But all this who will go and tell those women who are putting all kinds of rubbish things on their legs to increase their inches and centimetres? All this high heels and all! Some are like high-rise building only!

That day I went to one Fancy Store shop where they are selling buttons and ribbons and all other girly girly stuff. I am waiting at counter okay, and one girl is entering shop with so much high heel. As high as the Clock Tower in our Ajjarkad park. Looking at her I am remembering those men in our festival jatre. They are wearing colourful dress and walking on high sticks, you have seen them? Sometimes they are dancing also very nicely on those sticks!

Now see you people, there is so much space in the fancy shop, but this girl has to come and stand next to me only it seems. When she is reaching near me she is putting one high heel foot on mine. Okay by mistake I agree, but when that sharp point is contacting my foot, arre baapre; it is like electric shock is moving from foot to head and back 108 times. The world is going black and I am seeing sun, moon and all nakshatras dancing around. My eyes are also watering like Jog falls in monsoon.

When I am at last able to open the eyes, I am seeing world is in its own place, all other people also and that girl; abbabba…… no sorry, no nothing! She is simply buying 2 metres pink lace.

If someone is asking me to put my hand on Bhagwad Gita and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then I will tell – at that moment really I felt like taking that 2 metres lace and putting it around her neck and pulling. Now you people will say, Ayyo better stay away from Kamalamma. She is having murder like feelings!

But don’t make tension. In so much pain one cannot be Buddha no! Otherwise really I am not like that. The Mister will also confirm I am gentle person and even when I am putting Morteim spray on cockroach, my hand is trembling so much, spray is somewhere, cockroach is somewhere!

Of course I am not telling I have never worn chappal with heel. Before long when my all hair on the head was full black I have also worn, not so high like Eiffel Tower, but little bit heel. But I will tell you when I was wearing, I was standing on my own feet and minding my own business. I was not going around giving electric shock to other good people.

See now that day because of the pain I did not return home from shop by bus. I spent Rs 50/- and took auto! The auto wala put me down in front of my house and when I am going inside limping, The Mister is saying, What Kamalamma, legs are paining? Old age is coming no!

Then I am looking at the Mister and thinking if I had 2 metres lace with me now…..!


This post was originally published in the Times of India Blogs under my TOI blog link The Witty Wordsmith. It can be found at this link Namma Kamalamma

4 thoughts on “Namma Kamalamma gets high on heels!

  1. soniadogra says:

    Superb! I loved the tone as much as I loved the humor!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sonia! And I loved your comment! 😄😄👍


  2. Athira says:

    Radhika, well-written..awaiting for more.

    In the mean while, I would also like to introduce my blog to you since I like to reach my writings to more people and here is the link to my blog, so if you are interested please do follow,comment and share with your friends too..


    Thank You!


  3. deepsreflections says:

    Loved reading it. Amazing ..


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