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It’s Mother’s day today! And Father’s day too for that matter, but that’s a different issue!

But wait, isn’t Mother’s day somewhere in March or May or something?

Well, that’s the International one, while I’m talking about closer home. You see, it’s Mother’s Day for me! 🙂

Don’t scratch your heads off! I’ll take you through how I came to this maternal conclusion.

“I take my patients in only when they’re in absolute agony!” said my doctor to me cheerfully years ago.

I had an appointment with him for an ultrasound to confirm what the whole world and their inquisitive neighbour is always dying to hear from newly-wed women – THE Good News!

The doctor’s expression clearly told me I had not reached that stage of agony yet, and he sent me out with instructions to drink more water. I walked back into the waiting room full of expectant mothers. Fishing out my bottle of water I took a swig with a grimace and rising nausea. As I looked at all the other women guzzling water like there was no tomorrow, I thought I finally knew the reason for so much water shortage in the world!

Finally when I could stand it no more, I tottered up to the receptionist and pleaded with her to send me in. This wasn’t just agony, it was absolute torture.

Mercifully I was called in next.

As the test got underway the good doc began to look a tad thoughtful. I had hoped the test would be done quickly and I could get out of there fast, but that was alas, not to be! The doctor muttered something about a 2nd opinion and lo and behold…… yet another White Coat joined the party. The two went into a huddle and at the end of an animated discussion ‘merawala’ doctor came back to me and announced with a flourish, “It’s TWINS!”

Well, looking back now, I can see the situation for what it was! It was obvious the 2 docs wanted to do justice to the dramatic situation when they broke the sensational news to me. It did look like a scene from the Academy Awards Night with the 2 announcers on stage who have just declared to the waiting world, “And the Oscar goes to…!”

Then what does the winner do? Well, he or she looks ecstatic, grabs the mic and proceeds to give the carefully prepared acceptance speech. And then goes home to partyyyyy!

If the good doctors expected my reaction to go roughly in those lines they were in for an acute disappointment. No ecstasy, no speech!

I simply nodded my head vaguely, slid off the examination couch and asked the nurse in strangled tones, “Where’s the wash room?”

Then without waiting for more detailed directions, I gathered my hospital gown around me and sprinted off at a pace that would have put most seasoned athletes to shame. I must have certainly broken Usain Bolt’s record that day!

I made it in time, I assure you! 😉

Months later, when the nurse put two squirming bawling little babies in my arms – it was then that I felt like I had won my Oscar. Not one but two. 

As I looked at T1 and T2 (as the nurses called them) on this very date years ago, I realised with awe and wonderment that I had become a MOTHER! 

A mother! Whoa….. 

And that’s the Mother’s day I’m talking about. The day I became a mother!




9 thoughts on “2 birthdays, a Mother’s day and a Father’s day.

  1. Nthusiast says:


    Liked by 1 person

  2. dpranita583 says:

    Very nice topic.


  3. deepsreflections says:

    Absolutely loved reading it.


  4. Meena says:

    Happy Mother’s day to you, happy Father’s Day to your husband and happy birthday to t1 and t2. Have a great family party!

    Side note : I too once experienced the agony you talked about. I have had my share of ultrasounds, but this once, I was so full, that midway through I had to rush to the bathroom 😂


  5. soniadogra says:

    Happy birthday to your T1 and T2 Radhika. And to you too. Since the mother was born!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you from all 3 of us!! 😁😁
      Thanks Sonia. For the wish and the read! 👍😊


  6. Athira says:

    Loved it …

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  7. 😊😊 thank you Athira


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