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Do you know a secret about writers? I’ll tell you…… they love their readers. Believe me – we truly do! Because without readers our writing would be quite pointless, right? It would be like ‘singing in the bathroom’ – the soap, the water and the singing would all simply go down the drain!

Along with good readers we also love a good review of our book. I’m not referring here to the kind of review a friend might offer you. Like the friend whom I meet down at the corner of the building complex where the vegetable vendor has set up his cart for the day. The link for the book has already been sent to this friend, naturally.

Friend – ‘Hey. Long time no see.’
Me – ‘Oh yes. I have been busy you know.’

This is the cue for the friend to bring the book into the conversation. But she talks about everything under the sun except THE Book!

Friend – ‘Bhaiyya, dho kilo bhindi dena…….. By the way, I finally downloaded it.’
Me (wondering how one can download lady’s finger. That too, 2 kilos!) – ‘Oh!’
Friend – ‘I didn’t know you could write! Nice book.’
Me (seeing the light and trying to look modest) – ‘Oh! Ah! The Book! Oh yeah thanks!’

And we each go our way, she happy with her lady’s finger and me happy with the compliment!

As I said, we writers love it – compliments, comments, suggestions, reviews from our readers.

But when another writer reviews my labour of love and posts it on her site then…… I am truly humbled and honoured!

That’s exactly how I felt when Sona from Read, Write Live reviewed my book.

In her words:


The book is about the lives of Jayaprakash Uncle or JP, his wife, referred to as the Aunt and their two sons, Raju and Raghu. It is a typical middle class family, honest, down-to-earth, amicable.

The stories are developed from the ordinary events of any household and told with endearing wit and humour.


You can read the full review here The Adventures of the JP Family: Book review

Thank you Sona for an inspiring and motivating review! 🙂

If you haven’t downloaded my book yet, go on do it now – the link closes in a couple of weeks. Click here to download.


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