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Samira Gupta


Samira Gupta’s eBook ‘Home makers to Home bakers’ is an absolute “bouquet of roses from her cookery garden.”

Her husband and two sons have to be really lucky to have a super cook for a wife and mother!
This Cookery Book devoted to baking is a must read for all those who love to bake but are intimidated by the aBc of baking.

And going by the huge number of downloads this book has seen since launching it, there must be plenty of food lovers out there in the world.

The book contains 12 recipes of cakes and muffins and wait for this – they’re all eggless, healthy recipes. Yes, you heard right! No refined/all-purpose flour is used here. Only wheat flour, ragi (millet) and semolina.

Pattern of the book: 

The cover is quite attractive and entices the reader to scroll down further.

Before diving into the recipes, Samira has very rightly listed out Important Instructions, Tips for perfect baking, right in the beginning. From ‘reading the recipe’ which is the 1st step to ‘when to cut the cake‘ which is the last step, the instructions are very clear, in simple language and includes everything. What happens after the cake is cut is also covered by the author – “Serve with love” she instructs us at the end of each recipe.  🙂

The different modes of baking – Traditional oven, Microwave oven, Pressure Cooker, Air fryer – have also been explained, including the method and advantages of each.

Every recipe is accompanied by pictures and follows a standard format, so that the would-be-baker is made aware, at a glance, of the difficulty level; Preparation, Cooking and Total time and the quantity the recipe would yield.

The recipes have been presented in order of its difficulty level – from easy to medium to complex. So we start off with Simple Muffins to Basic Sponge Cake to a Malai Zebra and then on to Rasmalai Cake. Incidentally I fell in love with her Sunshine Mango Cake! Check out the pictures and you’ll know why. 🙂

Samira has covered almost all that could go wrong while baking and has provided solutions too. This only goes to show the amount of experiments, trials and practice that have gone into creating this book.

She has not hesitated to give out handy tips from time to time. She clearly states the reasons behind particular instructions – why something has to be done the way the instruction says.

As Samira, Home baking Expert says, “Baking is an Art which gets better with practice. And your smile too gets broader as your cakes get better.” 

My smile certainly  was broad and happy by the time I reached the last recipe.

BOOK NAME : Home Makers to Home Bakers. Cakes and Muffins.

AUTHOR : Samira Gupta

GENRE : Cook book


PUBLISHER : Blogchatter

I would certainly recommend this ebook to all those who love cooking, especially baking – beginners or otherwise.

eBook download link – Home Makers to Home Bakers

This is my Review No 3 for the Blogchatter Book Review Programme.



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