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I just downloaded and read the ebook “Once upon a story” written by sisters Shrilekha Joshi and Snehal Joshi. 

About the Book – The book is a collection of 10 short stories that the writers have compiled from their blog. In the writers’ words – the stories are based on observing people, patterns and behaviour.
Some stories are stand alone ones and a couple of them like ‘Love, Life, Betrayal‘ and ‘Stranger in the Night‘ run into consecutive chapters.

The style of writing is mostly descriptive and the readers can imagine the scene unfolding in front of their eyes through good use of words and imagery.

From among the stand alone stories a couple of them like ‘Elephant who had a Wish‘ and ‘The Other Man’ started off well but seemed to end before they began. I wish the writers could have elaborated a bit more here. It would probably have been more impactful.

I quite liked ‘Bed of Roses’. The story went smoothly and concluded with a thoughtful tone. It highlighted the irony of appearances v/s reality.

The last story ‘On the Race Day‘ was like a jolt. A surprise storyline far different from the others, it was unexpected to say the least!

The two long stories in the book – ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ and ‘Strangers in the Night’ were interesting and hinted at business rivalry and politics at work places. The characters in these 2 stories were well built up and the plot for both were intriguing.

Miscellaneous points – The cover of the book is simple and just right for the contents within. The book is an easy read at 19 pages and does not tax the reader.

Overall review – On the whole I found this short but sweet book by the 2 Joshi sisters interesting and something different from what I’m normally used to reading.

You can check the book out here : Once Upon a Story

My 2nd review written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program. 

Snehal and Shrilekha Joshi



2 thoughts on “Book Review 2 – Once Upon a Story.

  1. jaishvats says:

    I can imagine two people doing music together …But two writing a book together I wonder how they go about it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True. A jugalbandi definitely! 😊


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