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via Daily Prompt: Casual

I turned the Invitation card over in my hands, and read it through once more – Our gracious presence was solicited for the wedding reception of Blah and Blah at the Town Hall.  Dress – Casual

And I smiled to myself. That last information brought back quaint  memories of my childhood spent in Goa, India; where my dad was a Doctor at the Goa Medical College. As the Head of Dept. he and mother would often be invited for most official and formal functions, where there would be “plenty to drink but  nothing to eat” – or that’s what they told me once, when I expressed a desire to tag along with them!

I especially loved to browse through the Invitations for these Dos, and the formal style in which they were worded would set me spinning grand romantic images in my mind.

While most functions stated that the Dress Code be – Casual, this particular invitation stands out in my memory : Dr and Mrs ……… are invited to  a Cocktail Reception for the Passing Out Ceremony…… …. Dress Code – Tie

I was flabbergasted, astounded, dumb struck, gobsmacked and more by that one cryptic word. With all the naivete of a child, my imagination ran wild, trying to picture all the guests sipping cocktails out of delicate fluted glasses and making formal small talk while standing around in just their Ties!!!

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Casual

  1. NGK Sharma says:

    Thanks for bringing back to my memory cocktails of Goa. Those ties are lying idle in my cupboard
    now. One or two were taken by your sons.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shrikanth Aithala says:

    Did bandhani items qualify?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wish I knew myself 😉


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