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September 5th 2016 ! It was a bright and sunny day. The sky was a beautiful blue with cottony white clouds floating about. The weather was good too with a nippy breeze blowing gently around. A perfect setting you might say,  just the right set up for something momentous to happen. Of course there were no fireworks to celebrate the day nor were there cheerleaders to add some zest to the moment. But who’s complaining? They would have probably taken away the glory of the actual event! Puzzled? Confused? Lost? Uh oh…. Forgive me folks for assuming you would catch on ! I was actually referring to the launch of my blog site on the above mentioned date – 7 months ago.  Since then I’ve posted 13 blogs to date. Not bad eh! Not bad at all.

And I sincerely hope I’ve lived up to the promises I made in ‘My First Blog’; unlike our beloved politicians who suffer from selective amnesia! If I remember right, I said I would string along a few words in a ‘lighthearted attempt to see the quirky side of myself and of the people and happenings around me’; and that I would be leaving religion, politics and other sensitive issues out of it – we have newspapers and sensational news channels  for that, what say ! Those who joined a little late in the day could check out my first blog:

My first blog 🙂

Well….it’s been a good run these past few months. I’ve tried to make you guys smile and in return, you have responded warmly. The ‘likes, the ‘shares’, the ‘comments’, the ‘follows’….. they feel good you know. I love some applause and appreciation just as much as the next person. Who doesn’t!?

But…. all good things must come to an end sometime, for whatever reasons and I am signing off from my site henceforth. But I do not intend to simply stop writing and fade away into obscurity just like that. I refuse to leave my faithful fans and followers bewildered and wondering about the reasons for my sudden disappearance……… maybe I’ve been blackmailed into silence, or has some other competitive blogger kidnapped me, or have I been struck by the writer’s block….? Not to worry friends. It’s none of the above. These would probably only apply to Big Time writers  like Salman Rushdie and the like,  and certainly not to twopenny-halfpenny amateurs like me!! I’m calling it a day for purely personal reasons, and it’s not an on-the-spur-of-the-moment decision. I’ve sat and thought it out and discussed it thoroughly – with myself of course! I’ve come to the conclusion that ending it when the going’s good is the right way to do it. You know… quit now and have your fans scream “Why?” instead of dragging it along and have them groan”Why not?”

I wonder now, could Sept 5 be observed as ‘My Blog Day’ or something, along with Teacher’s day? Whom do we approach for this kind of thing? Does one put in an application or fill a few forms or start a signature campaign….? Like who actually decided to celebrate Teacher’s Day or Mother’s Day or Doctor’s day or Secretary Day or General Manager’s Day or Valentine’s Day or April Fool’s Day, or…….!! It really is interesting and informative to know the origins of these ‘Days’. Take the latter for instance. Ever thought about how April Fool’s day came about? Among other versions, there’s one which says that the day has its origins in the 19th C in France, when Pope Charles IX switched from the older Calendar {beginning from April 1st} to the Roman calendar {beginning from Jan 1st}. Those who were unaware of this change and continued to celebrate New Year’s on April 1st were called April Fools. Well now… they did kind of ask for that didn’t they? Silly of them! Real fools !!! Anyway, over the years this day has been observed by playing pranks and hoaxes on innocent and unsuspecting victims and then shouting “April Fool” to their face!!!!

And that sort of brings me to an observation….. What day is it today actually? Well Well…this is the day on which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four…….

Today is April Fool’s Day,
Believe nothing and trust no one
Just like any other day !!

Awww guys !!! I bet you didn’t see this coming!  I just couldn’t resist the call of the day !

Ignore my earlier sentimental claptrap friends.  See you in my next post, continue to like and share and comment…… and in the meantime, Be safe, Be cautious, Be alert! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s, after all, a day to fool someone and be fooled by someone. The world is a wonderful place, I truly believe, where even a fool has a day dedicated to him or  her [for that matter] I don’t want the men boycotting my blogs!

Happy April Fools day…!!!!


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