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You’ll never guess what I did during the last few days of Dec ’16. Well I’ll tell you. I spent the better part of it trying to come up with some good resolutions for the New Year. Actually, I gave up making resolutions right after the first attempt, years ago. I can’t recall why I did that – I think it has to do with my forgetting the resolution I’d made even before I  got over the hangover of the New Year party!

But this time I sort of got carried away with the constant bombardment by the various media all doing their bit in reminding us that “it’s resolution-making time again!!” Through the whole of December, newspapers, magazines, FM stations et al, run  interviews with all those good people who make resolutions; and to rub it in really well, they rope in these counsellors and experts, who give us their opinions and analyses on who makes resolutions, when to make them, how not to break them, where, why, what…….. Whew!!! Finally when one emerges from all this, gasping for air, the initial overwhelming feeling is of guilt, followed by guilt, and then some more guilt! So that’s how this time I found myself toying with the idea of making a few myself. With the deadline just a few hours away, my brain shut down temporarily, so I glance through other people’s resolutions for some inspiration; and I’m impressed. They seem to have covered almost everything…!

I discover that No. 1 on most lists is:

1.”Lose weight” – Very nice. Health is wealth and all that sort of thing. So all you guys, Go For It!!

2.”Clean out cupboard”– I probably need to be doing this one, since my cupboard looks like the hurricane’s been through it, twice over.Yes, I’ll definitely be doing this….. In a couple of months maybe…

3.”Read more books”– I plan to write my own book…. I do really…Someday! So I think I’ll do the reading after I’m done with the writing.

4.”Visit another country”– Is this one a resolution? I thought  it was called a vacation!! 🙂

5.”Do one good deed a day”– I did that religiously as a member of the Girl Scouts back in my school days. It’s mentioned somewhere in my school report card, if you don’t believe me. And where’s the Report Card? Well. I’m sure to find it , if and when I tackle Resolution 2.

6.”Wake up early”– My body clock chimes nice and early, at the same time,  every morning, without fail, whether I like it or not. so I don’t really need this one. Getting out of bed once I’m awake is a different story altogether. I’ll work around to that by next year. Scout’s Promise!

7.”Go for a morning walk”– Wow! This has been my last waking thought each night for years now! Once the ‘getting up…’ thingy is sorted out, for sure I’ll do it.

8.”Get fat”– Oops sorry. That’s supposed to be “Get Fit”. Before anyone suggests that my next resolution ought to be :”Check eyesight”, let’s move on!

9.”Be a good mother”– I don’t really need this one.  I am an excellent mother and my boys will certainly vouch for it if I tell them to. So there!!

10.”Be a good wife”– Now we’re wading into deep waters. Let’s skip it for now and come back some years years later. In the meantime let’s dwell more on the ‘good mother’ bit.

11.”Manage stress and anger”– Nothing much to this one. Breathe in… breathe out…. Count till 10 and then go ahead and lose that temper anyway.

12.”Eat more fruits”–  Well…. considering the fact that I keep buying up fruits which then  sit on the kitchen counter in a cute choir basket, until the banana turns purplish black, the apple develops wrinkles and appears to age not-so-gracefully and the plums start looking like rocks from outer space, this one might be worth a second thought!

13.”Stop procrastinating”- Good idea! We’ll tackle this as soon as I get the pronunciation right. Let’s say….by the second half of the year maybe?

14.”Complete unfinished projects”– Sorry, Can’t do this. I’ve got a couple of suitcases of half-done embroidery and manuscripts and other projects in various stages of non-completion, all waiting for their auspicious moments. And I don’t see those moments coming anytime this whole year, what with dire predictions of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all running amok in my zodiac! :/

15.”Take up extreme sports”– Of course! Why not? I’ve always wanted to go barreling down the Niagara; go powerbocking, or should I try bungee jumping first?  Once I get over my fear of water and height and speed and anything else extreme, this one should be a breeze. Until then I’ll just carry on with Solitaire! 🙂

16.”Sweep and mop under the bed”– Woah!! Are these people telepathic? Or are there really other people like me out there? I think I’ll sweep this one under the carpet for now…!

And the list goes on my friends. Seems like I’ve got enough here to last me a whole year and the major part of next year too. So now I’m all ready……

Ready for what? Ready for anyone from the newspapers or FM stations coming to interview me about my resolutions of course!!!!!

Meanwhile you guys have a great year!!



3 thoughts on “Make ’em to break ’em!

  1. Ngk Sharma says:

    On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 8:12 PM, Let’s lighten up wrote:

    > Radhika Acharya posted: “You’ll never guess what I did during the last few > days of Dec ’16. Well I’ll tell you. I spent the better part of it trying > to come up with some good resolutions for the New Year. Actually, I gave up > making resolutions right after the first attempt, years” >


  2. Kavitha says:

    Nice one.


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