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I love  collecting  boxes and containers. Do I hear Tina Turner singing “What’s love got to do with it?” in the background? Read on and you’ll know what love has got to do with boxes and containers! For those of you who think on your feet and having done so, have jumped to the conclusion that I’m with the “Movers and Packers”, I assure you I’m not.  When I say ‘boxes’ I’m not referring to wooden cartons, but to those cute little containers with fancy lids. Microwavable, oven and dish-washer friendly, they come in mighty handy when storing little quantities of food in the refrigerator.

Looking back, I think it all started with my attending some religious dos organised by ladies; where a return gift is mandatory. And the safest bet happens to be the little plastic or unbreakable container.   It’s light on the pocket so the host is happy; it’s  pretty useful so the guest is happy too.  She’s even happier if the gift box is filled with goodies; (and I’ll let you in on a secret)  she’s happiest if the quantity of goodies is substantial, so she doesn’t have to cook again when she gets back home.  The ladies will agree that there’s nothing more annoying than having to stand at a hot stove wondering what to cook for the hungry bellies at home, when one is almost bursting with good food and good gossip.

Getting back to the topic, I’m one happy woman when I get back  from yet another ladies’ gathering with a newly acquired container. Once the admiration session is over, it goes ceremoniously into one of the two already crowded kitchen cabinets.  We’re running out of storage space in the kitchen; and I’m now eyeing the shelf in my husband’s wardrobe.  Now if we could  just move his box of socks a bit further down, and …….. does he really need all these ties ??  Nobody notices them anyway.  So much precious space wasted!

The only problem with these boxes is that they come in different shapes and sizes.  So in spite of being an organised person, I am unable to stack them in an orderly manner in the shelf. They have to go wherever they fit in and that is why – whenever someone opens the cabinet door, one or two boxes invariably  spring  out like  “Jack in the Box”. Since I’m used to it, I dodge and duck smartly. But the others are not so lucky. “Owww!”  cries out one son in an aggrieved tone as a heart-shaped box takes him neatly on the left side of his head.  And he’s even more aggrieved when I ignore him and rush over to check if my box is intact. “Absolute Pandora’s Box!” he mutters, still rubbing his head.   “It’s time you thought outside the box mom”, says the other keeping one wary eye on the shelf. And I do feel a momentary flash of guilt when the husband comes out of the kitchen with one hand to his head. But the feeling instantly vanishes when he asks sarcastically  “What on earth do you do with all these boxes?” I have an answer to that though.  “I store the leftovers from the food I cook for YOU in YOUR kitchen”  I reply smartly.  Advantage…… The Wife, this round!

And that’s exactly what I do actually. All through the week , after every meal, the leftovers, if any, are scraped into boxes which are then placed neatly in the fridge. On the week end, which is my Clearance Day,  the contents of all the boxes are emptied neatly into the bin. The boxes are then washed, dried and placed back neatly on the shelf. It’s a ritual. A  soothing, calming ritual !

When we go to the shops, the husband, having learnt from previous experience, insists I make a shopping list.  The organised person that I am, I do make one. But once inside the  sliding doors of the super market,  my good intentions go haywire, and I gravitate towards the “Kitchen Storage Ideas” section.  I then spend a happy half-hour drooling over how pretty these containers would look in my…….  “Where’s your shopping list?”   asks the husband suddenly, interrupting my train of thought.  “In the fridge” I reply absent-mindedly. He takes himself off looking irritated. After an hour or so, I go in search of him and find him meditating in front of the ties.  Seriously !!!  Is he thinking of buying another tie?   Nooooo…..  Not  a good idea. It would take up that precious space in the wardrobe !!!   In a panic , I fish out the shopping list and run through it like the Devil’s after me.

Back home, as I unwrap, among other purchases, a spanking new container, pink lid and all; the boys roll their eyes eloquently. I ignore them and admire my new acquisition. As I turn it this way and that,  I can’t help thinking that Tina Turner might have got it wrong after all. Love has absolutely everything to do with  it……… Whichever way you look at it, there’s no second opinion about it – I just love collecting boxes!

Have a great day !



7 thoughts on “1 little, 2 little, 3 little Boxes……

  1. Swathi says:

    Relate to this totally! Boxes are never enough!

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  2. Kavitha says:

    Very nice akla.


    1. letslightenupblog says:

      Thank you dear


  3. Reblogged this on Radhika's Diaries and commented:

    Came across this one while looking through my old posts. Couldn’t resist reposting it!!


  4. Wow! boxes and that too in all shapes and sizes. This post certainly deserved a picture of some of them. Do write a part 2 with some pictures 🙂
    I think I might have written something similar… do give it a read
    Btw, love your posts. Very relatable and such a pleasure to read and go through 🙂

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    1. Why thank you Savio!! That absolutely made my day !!

      And yes I definitely will go through your post!! 🙂

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