My First Blog !

Hey folks,

I’d  been thinking about starting my own blog for a little time now; but just wasn’t getting around to it. When I search the net and see the millions of people who have websites on almost every conceivable topic under the sun, I finally manage to convince myself that if they can do it,  so can I !

Since I’m all thumbs when it comes to computers (I’m afraid if I hit the wrong key it’ll jump out and hit me back) I ask my nimble-fingered, tech-savvy twin sons to help me out.  One of them asks me what its going to be about. I’m a little hazy about this right now so I tell him what its NOT going to be about. NO  agony-aunt advices, no self-help mantras, no health or councelling tips, no sexist, racist, religious  or political leanings. Now the son is intrigued….. So what’s left to write about, he wants to know. I’ll get topics as I go along I assure him.  I then tell him what’s on my mind.  Here’s the thing – Life can be pretty tough. Who doesn’t have tensions and responsibilities, problems and worries? But then, that’s LIFE.  However as Allen Klein the American author said, ” You may not be able to change a situation,  but with humour you can always change your attitude about it.” He believed that “One’s attitude is like a box of crayons that can colour one’s world. Try adding some bright colours to your picture by including humour and your picture begins to lighten up”.

So Friends, Relatives and Online acquaintances, let’s lighten up a bit. Let’s stop taking ourselves too seriously and bring a little  fun into our lives. Join me in my upcoming blogs as I string a few hundred colourful words together,  in a lighthearted attempt to see the quirky side of myself and of  the people and happenings around me. Although I doubt if  it’ll make you fall off your chair with laughter,  it might perhaps, at least bring a smile to  your lips. That’s what I want. And,  you  just  might  turn out to be the  Muse for one of my future  blogs….. you  never know !

Cheers !





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